The necessity of Differential Pricing

While retailers are still not talking it up, many have been testing the waters since I last highlighted differential pricing.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to justify identical pricing all over the country when differing labour costs, rent, rates and living standards mean that wealth is dispersed. Income disparities which exist in our society are likely to increase not decrease, so national brands in the UK will need to echo pricing methods of other countries.

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The Entertainer chooses Stock Optimisation

UK’s largest independent toy retailer chooses Stock Optimisation to improve replenishment and allocations in all their stores.
Founded by husband and wife team Catherine and Gary Grant in 1981, the group operates 116 stores, mainly in the Midlands and southern England.

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Leader selects Stock Optimisation

Leader was born in 1951 in the city of Miracema, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Currently employs about 6,000 employees and is present in eight Brazilian states, with a total of 92 stores.

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The return of Clienteling!

Clienteling is a new fashionable word hitting retailing. And about time too. Where previously customer obsession has been linked to loyalty programmes, targeted marketing, and analysing customer data, in all of this what people forget that the most powerful tool we have is the potential for customer engagement in-store which most retailers still do badly.

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