Profimetrics’ Pricing Lifecycle is a leading edge proven solution
for the implementation of Pricing, Promotions and Markdowns
Optimisation Strategies.





Everything you need to drive Margin, Productivity and Customer Satisfaction.

How does Pricing Lifecycle

help Retailers?

Most retailers use very simple pricing rules based on fixed gross margins. Until trading begins and sales come through, a retailer can never tell if the initial price they have is right.
Pricing Lifecycle helps you retain brand integrity and margin protection without destroying price perception.


  • Merge data, pricing strategies and optimisation tactics to get to the right price, in every channel, every day;
  • Explain, in your own language, the price recommendation;
  • Responds strategically to competitors’ price changes;
  • Allows for simulation measuring the impacts on sales, margin and price image of all your decisions prior to execution;
  • Assures price consistency across the entire company;
  • Improves revenue and gross margin from 2-6%.


  • Plan, forecast and measure strategic promotions, maximizing your marketing and promotional investments;
  • Easily create and manage promotions across the different parts of the organization;
  • Simulate side-to-side offers to forecast the best outcome and negotiate better deals with suppliers;
  • Tracking and reporting, getting answer on change or increase duration;
  • Improves revenue and gross margin from 2-10%.


  • Profitably clear inventory and achieve sell-through goals within a cross company approval workflow;
  • Recommends the right discount for the right product, in the right channel items, at the right time, that meet inventory and profit goals;
  • Allows for the simulation of alternative markdowns/clearance scenarios;
  • Integrates with promotions creating a full company promotional plan;
  • Measures ongoing effectiveness and adapt to trends on-the-fly, moving offers from one price step, to another;
  • ROI at the first markdown, ensuring year-over-year business benefits.

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