Pricing Lifecycle.v2

Pricing Lifecycle

Pricing Lifecycle is a leading edge proven solution for the
implementation of Pricing, Promotions and Markdowns optimisation strategies.

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Stock Optimisation

Set the strategic policies of stock supply, ensuring the best decisions and recommendations for each product.
Stock Optimisation provide you excellent recommendations based on your Stock Profile and Business Goals.

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Supplier Optimisation

Your best trade negotiator.
Improve the business relationship with each of your suppliers and get the best Trade Agreements, Cost Pricing and Financing for Events.

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Business Intelligence

Start seeing things clearly.
Business Intelligence aims to provide strategic information for decision support, enabling a multidimensional view of Big Data in the form of Analytical and Operational Reporting.

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Catalogs & Signage

Analyze and define Product Information Management workflows while controlling publishing into multi-media formats.
Catalogs & Signage is a multi-channel Product Information Management (P.I.M.) solution with media production capabilities.

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