Profimetrics is a business unit belonging to the itim Group (UK), which develops business solutions for the retail industry. With more than 20 years of experience in the retail business we are aware of the constant challenges that the market presents, so we try to share our experience and knowledge with all our customers.
Through the development of sophisticated and innovative solutions, we contribute to the development of our client’s businesses every day and consequently get better financial results and greater satisfaction of their end customers.

At itim we provide Software, Solutions and Services to retailers to help them run their businesses better.

However we recognise that software is only a tool and really its the way the tools are used that makes the difference. So we see the provision of our software as a means to building Capability.

That means the software has to be based on good methodologies, built up using best practices, and which can be Trained and Sustained. Consequently it is not just about putting in software it is also critically about providing services which ultimately solve problems.

We add retail value by providing real solutions to real problems and opportunities.

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What can you expect when
you’re dealing
with itim?

  1. We listen to the needs of your business
  2. Access to people with a genuine and in-depth understanding of retail
  3. Integrity in what we say and what we deliver
  4. Exceptional value
  5. People who thrive on even the most challenging projects and complex issues
  6. A partner that strives to deliver the best ROI for your project