Stock inventory Optimisation



Set the strategic policies of stock supply, ensuring the best decisions and recommendations for each product.
Stock Optimisation provide you excellent recommendations based on your Stock Profile and Business Goals.








Ensure the best decisions and recommendation for each product.

How does Stock Optimisation

help Retailers?

The volatile business environment we live in means that there is no standard store, no standard stock or inventory profile, nor a standard approach to managing stock.
Today we need a more dynamic and reactive approach to managing stock that deals with the realities of modern multi-channel retailing. Changing consumer patterns, instantaneous trends are putting more and more pressure on inventory managers, whose natural reactions are to increase depth of stock holdings to deal with volatility.



  • Reduces inventory and improves inventory turns identifying profitable inventory deployment opportunities and overstock conditions;
  • Considers Fashion Products with size variants optimisation including Packs & Multi-Variant packs optimisation;
  • Combines logistics constraints (lead times and other constraints) with stock policies to recommend optimal replenishment methods;
  • Allows for dynamic store clustering, improving productivity and decreasing the planners workload;
  • Provides what-if scenario analysis;
  • Includes an automated approval workflow based on accuracy levels or any other business rule.


  • Allows for allocations based on plan, forecast, and/or sales history information;
  • Enables multiple allocation methods including re-projection based on trend;
  • Calculate the optimal pack components to allocate to each store;
  • Allows the simulation of what-if scenarios;
  • Provides a flexible, configurable dashboard and workflow;
  • Improves client service levels while reducing waste, markdowns and transfer costs.


  • Allows to easily transfer and balance inventory between company stores;
  • Maintains optimum service levels for the most demanded products;
  • Guarantees that the different ranges of products are correctly matched together, assembling the perfect display in each store for their own specific customer profiles and demands;
  • Allows to define stock pools (stores clusters) to optimize the allocation source;
  • Each store can transfer inventory to another, using point-to-point transfer without the need for a centralized Distribution Center for handling;
  • Integrates with all the other Stock Optimisation functionalities, generating a complete tool for managing and optimizing your inventory.

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After careful selection we understood that Profimetrics would be the best option for Angeloni not only because of the quality of the system but also by the ease of adaptation/understanding of our needs.

José Augusto Fretta
CEO Angeloni, Brasil